Village information North Cyprus

Village information North Cyprus

 Buy a property in Northern Cyprus and you are certain to be drawn to Kyrenia. Not for nothing is this picturesque harbour town known as the pearl of the Mediterranean.


Buy a property in Northern Cyprus and you are certain to be drawn to Kyrenia. Not for nothing is this picturesque harbour town known as the pearl of the Mediterranean.

Kyrenia is guarded by a shining yellow Crusader castle, its battlements and ramparts reinforced by the Venetians. It looks just like the one you might find in a toy box. There are treasures inside too, for it contains the unique Shipwreck Museum, a remarkably preserved trading boat and its cargo that sank just outside the town 300 years before Christ.

Around the perfect horseshoe harbour, ancient carob stores have been transformed into jolly bars and restaurants, enticing you to enjoy fish and salad by the waterside. In the evening's musicians play for you as the harbour glows in a necklace of little white lights.

A short walk up narrow cobbled streets leads you to the town’s shopping area where you can buy everything from designer bags to Turkish delight.

Buy or rent a property in Northern Cyprus and Kyrenia is yours to enjoy.  Summers are long and hot and the sun shines most days of the year.

Kyrenia is just 30 minutes from the North Cyprus airport of Ercan, or you can arrive in Cyprus via Larnaca airport and reach Kyrenia in 1 hour 30 minutes.


East Kyrenia


Just outside Kyrenia is Karakum, the perfect option for those who like to walk to the town centre and perhaps don’t want to buy a car. You will find everything you need here – schools, nursery and a wide variety of markets and bars.

You can reach the centre of Kyrenia in  5minutes, get to Karakum from Ercan airport in 35 minutes and from Larnaca airport in 1 hour 35 minutes. The closest beach is the Karakum municipality beach, which is a lovely small sandy bay.



Ozankoy is an option for both a holiday home and living in North Cyprus. It combines great views with the warm atmosphere of a traditional Cypriot village. The world famous Gothic masterpiece of Bellapais Abbey can be seen from almost every spot of this village. There are some ancient churches, as well as the mosque for history lovers.

In Ozankoy you will feel the intriguing atmosphere of the past as you walk its clean and narrow streets around the well-looked-after houses. English people love this village for its unique style.

From Ozankoy you can get to Kyrenia town centre in 5-10 minutes, from Ercan airport in 35 minutes and from Larnaca airport in 1 hour 35 minutes. The closest beach is the Karakum municipality (public) beach and the beach of the Cratos Hotel & casino.



Tourists come from around the world to admire Bellapais, so perfectly described by Lawrence Durrell in his book “Bitter Lemons.” This hillside village is just ten minutes from Kyrenia but a world away in time.

Bellapais Abbey is the centre of attraction, built by monks who fled the Saracen conquest of Jerusalem over 900 years ago. The spring that watered their vegetable garden still flows down the valley. Throughout spring and summer, the Abbey is the venue for classical concerts, filling the warm air with music.

Outside, you can still sip coffee and while away the hours at the café under Durrell’s ‘Tree of Idleness,’ a giant mulberry that has been there almost as long as the Abbey.

There is a traditional village shop, or ‘bakkal,’ with modern mini-markets nearby, a renowned English school and everything you need for relaxed living here. From Bellapais village any beach will be around 10 minutes drive to the coastline.



Like the atmosphere of a traditional village but want modern comforts? It is possible in Catalkoy (“forked village” if you translate from Turkish) which was so-called because it spreads along the coast and points up to the mountainside.

The village of Catalkoy is very popular among the expats of Northern Cyprus and consequently, there are many shops, bars and restaurants to choose from. Hundreds have made their home here, either in restored old houses, luxury villas with pools or modern apartments. This is a growth area for property and also home to two of the country’s biggest 5-star hotels, the Cratos hotel and the Malpas hotel.  Just 10 minutes from Kyrenia. This village benefits from two beautiful beach clubs. Shayna Beach club is a great find ... a small sandy bay, which is very popular with the locals. The restaurant and bar entertain all year round with its wonderful seafront location, fabulous fresh local cuisine and occasional live music on warm summer nights. The second beach club, the Cornaro, belongs to the Malpas Hotel and also offers a beautiful romantic setting next to the sea with a good restaurant.



Esentepe can be called the capital of golf in North Cyprus. The Korineum Golf and Country Club is situated here, an international class 18-hole course and Academy.

Holidaymakers love this village for its stunning views and relaxed atmosphere. Perfect beaches nearby include the famous sandy ‘Turtle Beach’ of Alagadi, where sea turtles come to lay their eggs and hatch every year.

Esentepe consists mainly of new developments hugging the spectacular coastline, although there are some older properties in the hills. There are plenty of restaurants, traditional and modern, and two new supermarkets to serve this growing community.

A few minutes further east along the coast, the villages Bahceli and Tatlisu offer some fantastic private villas and apartment sites with views, at prices to fit every budget and taste. Here you are heading into the quiet and peaceful world of natural North Cyprus. The centre of Kyrenia will be 20 -30 minutes away from you.


West Kyrenia


If you are looking for a property in Kyrenia you need to consider Zeytinlik, a small, cosy village that is practically part of the town although technically just outside.

Zeytinlik’ means “full of olives” and the area hosts a colourful Olive Festival each year to promote its most famous asset.

Most of the properties in this village offer beautiful panoramic views, overlooking Kyrenia. The village is very centrally located and offers short distances to schools, restaurants and beaches.

From Zeytinlik the closest beach is approximately 5 minutes drive to the Karaoglanoglu municipality beach, next to the Merit Park Hotel & Casino.



This North Cyprus village has a weird name that may seem difficult to pronounce but you will soon get used to it. (Try: ‘Kara-Anna-Loo!’) Just five minutes along the coast from the centre of Kyrenia there are seaside and mountain properties to choose from, with a host of shops, stores and schools on your doorstep and a beautiful sandy municipality beach.



Karmi, also known as Karaman,is considered one of the most attractive villages in North Cyprus and is one of the most sought after areas in North Cyprus. It is a picture postcard mountain village of traditional whitewashed houses, restored by foreign owners under a special arrangement with the government.

Only traditional materials may be used to maintain the special character and charm of its cobbled streets. It would undoubtedly walk away with any ‘Best Kept Village’ contest.

In the heart of the village, the old Orthodox church has been restored as an icon museum. Concerts are also held here and at Christmas, it is the venue for the European residents’ Carol Concert.

The closest beaches from here are the Karaoglanoglu municipality beach or the famous Escape Beach, also called the 5-mile beach, on the way to Alsancak.



Alsancak is a big village situated on the hillside. It is loved by many of our customers for its green surroundings and well-developed infrastructure. You are only 15 minutes from Kyrenia but Alsancak itself has all you need from schools and supermarkets to hotels and restaurants, even open-air clubbing in summer. There are several beautiful beaches to visit. The most popular beach is the Escape Beach, also called the 5-mile beach, which offers lots of entertainment, water sports, music, restaurant and bar. Also, there is a wonderful beach and leisure area between the Merit Crystal Cove Hotel and the twin hotels, Merit Premium & Casino Hotel and the Merit Royal.  Another very relaxing place to sunbath is the sandy beach next to the Denizkizi Hotel. Camelot Beach, bar and restaurant is also on this stretch of coastline.



Nature is the main attraction in Lapta. The surrounding area is full of citrus trees - the lemon is the symbol of Lapta. The area also has a super seaside walkway, a fully-paved area for leisure and exercise with the Mediterranean by your side.

There are numerous venues for shopping and relaxation in this sweeping location just 20 minutes from Kyrenia. The Sunset Beach Club is very popular with its traditional summer BBQ nights but has only a small gravel beach.



This village has the shortest distance between the sea and mountain range, with virtually every property having panoramic views over the coast and to the tall, dark-green mountains behind. The area is surrounded by nature, picnic areas and pretty little beaches. There are plenty of local traditional restaurants and European-style bars. The wide Karsiyaka bay invites you for swimming, sunbathing and walking along the seashore.

Kyrenia is 30 minutes away.


Famagusta Region

Famagusta is on the east coast of Cyprus, framed by a spectacular bay with probably the best and longest sandy beaches on the island. Famagusta old town is surrounded by intact Venetian walls and its Othello Tower is the setting for Shakespeare’s play.

The area is also home to the outstanding Roman ruins of Salamis and the pretty fishing village of Bogaz and is the gateway to the Karpaz peninsula, Kantara Castle and the most unspoilt area in Cyprus.

Ercan Airport is 30 minutes away and Larnaca airport in the South is 1 hour 30 minutes’ drive.


Guzelyurt region

Guzelyurt in the west, translated from Turkish as “beautiful place,” is the agricultural capital of North Cyprus. Most local fresh produce is grown here so the air is always rich with the smell of fruits and blossom.

The old town of Guzelyurt will open hidden charms and ancient places of interest that you will fall in love with! This is uncrowded, old-fashioned Cyprus at its charming best. Most of the Guzelyurt coastline has pebbles, but you can enjoy the sandy beach at the Aphrodite Beachfront Village in Gaziveren, which is very popular for its Kite Club and ideal for passionate surfers!